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Welcome to the Blooming Grove/Washingtonville Chamber of Commerce


Our October Membership Mixer

will be held on Wednesday, October 29th at Moffat

Library, 3348 Rt. 208 in Campbell Hall

beginning at 5:30pm

See a presentation on the restoration plans for the

original Moffat Library building in


Pizza and refreshments will be provided. 


The 2014 Washingtonville Christmas Parade

will be held on Saturday, December 6, 2014

beginning at 6pm from Ahern Blvd.

Immediately followed by the Annual Tree Lighting

Ceremony in the center of the village.




Congratulations to Museum Village on the re-opening of their Energy Building sponsored by Orange & Rockland Utilities. The displays are amazing. Cudos to Director Mike Sosler and his staff for their tireless efforts to improve this living history museum. Thank you for the invitation to the ribbon cutting ceremony.


Restoration & Renovation of Historic West Main Building Moves Forward

Published July 1, 2014 | By admin

Moffat_Library,_Washingtonville,_NY.smallThe Board of Trustees of the Moffat Library has been hard at work this past year planning for the renovation and restoration of our beloved Moffat building.

In September 2012, in anticipation of obtaining titles to the historic Moffat Library building from the Town of Blooming Grove, the Board formed the Building Committee. In March 2013, the building was transferred from the Town to the Moffat Library Board of Trustees.

Throughout 2013, the Library has been gathering input from the public via surveys and focus groups to assess the needs of our community. In addition, throughout the past year the Building Committee visited six different libraries – one new and the others restored, renovated and expanded historic buildings. An initial list of 8 architects with experience working on historic library buildings was collected and reviewed, which resulted in a list of 4 architects, who were then interviewed. Following a further review, two firms with extensive background in historic renovation and library design were selected. At no cost to the library, these two firms were asked to develop conceptual plans to present to the Board.

On October 17, 2013, the Board of Trustees selected the architectural firm of Butler, Rowland and Mays to work on the project. In tandem with this, we are also pleased to announce that in anticipation of the renovation and expansion, we have purchased adjacent parcels. This will greatly aid in the restoration plan, as well as provide space for much needed parking. The Board and Building Committee have been working diligently with the architects to develop conceptual plans for the historic Moffat Library building.

We are on our way towards the goal of returning the Moffat Library to the center of Washingtonville and the building to its original historic beauty and use as a library and community center.
-The Board of Trustees of the Moffat Library of Washingtonville, 2014


Blooming Grove Humane Society



We are in desperate need of a new vehicle!!  Our van is 10 years old and is breaking down on a regular basis.  Fixing it is an expense the shelter cannot afford.  We are looking for an SUV with 4WD so we can respond to calls in hard to reach areas.  If you have something that fits the bill and were thinking about trading it in, please consider donating it to the Humane Society.  Your donation is tax deductible* and you would be doing a great service to the community and enable us to continue to provide the service we are used to providing.  We are looking for an SUV comparable to a Jeep Grand Cherokee, Toyota 4Runner, Nissan Pathfinder or larger, in good working condition.  We need to have something with 4WD.  We can only use a vehicle model year 2007 or newer with less than 70k miles.  We're hoping to get a vehicle that will last us another 10 years so if you can PLEASE HELP US!!  

*The vehicle will be professionally appraised and an appraisal will be provided for tax purposes.  There may be limitations on how much can be deducted, if the appraisal is more than the maximum allowable deductible you will only be allowed to deduct what is permissable by federal and state law.